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The Grautet

The founder and bassist, Andrew Grau, found a problem with most modern jazz groups.  While the music was evolved and showcased the prowess of the players involved, it was music for musicians, and not for casual listener.

What seems to be hurting jazz in this day and age is that it has been elevated to a higher philosophical standard than it's origins, pure entertainment.  Jazz was once the pop music of its era, so why not bring it back there?


Drawing upon influences, from such artists as Snarky Puppy, D'Angelo, Flying Lotus, MF Doom, The Heavy, and Marcus Miller, composer Andrew Grau has tried to infuse his own musical background with modern influences, like groove, to create a muscial experience that can interesting to all music tastes.

In 2015, the Grautet recorded its debut album, "The Graushua Tree," at Bacque Recording Studios. All 8 tracks were composed by our band leader, Andrew Grau, as an attempt to make sense of the complicated world of jazz that The Grautet doesn't feel necessarily apart of. Every track has its own internal story, but written to let the listener come up with their own version of the story. (Available to stream on all services)

More recently, The Grautet premiered its funky renditions of, "The Nutcracker Suite," (coined Graucracker Suite), in December of 2017 at Roundguys Brewery in Landsdale, PA. Check out Soundcloud (for a taste next page) for bootleg live performances and check our Instagram, @the_grautet

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