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       Bassist, composer, and arranger Andrew Grau originates from Central New York.  During secondary school, he received great acclaim in musical theater, jazz band orchestra at Skaneateles High School.  He was awarded Class Musician of 2007.
       A graduate of SUNY Oneonta and mentee of bass faculty Richard Mollin, Jazz faculty Arthur Falbush, Joe Pignato, Bill Farrish and Dean Robert Roman.  While at Oneonta, he was student chair of the Catskill Symphony from 2009-2011, was in the highest level jazz combo from 2010-2011, and was rhythm section establishment for the SUNY Oneonta Jazz Orchestra from 2008-2011. Additionally was a founding member of the Student Associations Best New Club of 2009, the Jazz Appreciation Society, which established the Oneonta Jazz Festival.  
       The Jazz Appreciation Society founded the Annual SUNY Oneonta Jazz Festival, which has had such featured performers as Lee Shaw, Ray Vega, Ray Anderson, and Jerry Weldon.  He graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music, Summa Cum Laude, was awarded the Edith Wirth Music Scholarship, and was honored by receiving the SUNY Faculty Award for Most Outstanding Musician.
      Currently, Grau plays with such acts as The Little Merman, The Metropolitan Players, Rachel Lynn, and indie band Common Kicks. Previously toured with Jeremy Bar-Illan Band, Stop The Presses, Hello Brooklyn, and has subbed with The Queens Cartoonists.   Additionally, Grau is the #1 call for composer and arranger Scott Wasserman and Joshua Hinck. He has worked with bass players Lonnie Plaxico, YouTube star Adam Neely, Linda Oh, Bob Sabin, Yoshio and Tomoya Aomori, and played with Eden Espinosa, Andrew Barrett Cox, The Gay Men's Choir of NYC, Ray Vega, Evan Francis, Don Hahn, Igor Atalita, Hyuna Park and Guido Gonzales.
Andrew Grau currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, and has received a Masters of the Arts in Jazz Bass Performance from Queens College. Since becoming a NYC resident, he has picked up the endorsement of Moniker Guitars from Austin, and has a bass proudly with his last name and widely known nickname, "Grau," on it.

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